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@novaburst@twt.nfld.uk based on the quote that you graciously posted, I’ll have a read of this later when I can. 🤗

He is absolutely correct about the complex operational nature of complex software which is one of the reasons why I spend so much time trying to make things operationally easy and simple 👌

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@novaburst@twt.nfld.uk Finally got around to reading this.

This guy sounds a lot like me with very similar views 😅 Why isn’t he on Yarn.social? 🤔

As an alternative approach, I advocate for software that is designed with self-hosting in mind first. These are applications that are designed to be as simple as possible, with as low of an operational burden as possible

👏 Absolutely 100% agree, this is what I’m most passionate about. Writing good software, tools and self-hosted apps and services is not really that hard…

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We’ve been lied to for decades now in this heavy Cloud/SaaS industry we find ourselves in with numerous so-called “free” services that aren’t really free at all, let alone private or even secure (there are data breaches and leaks pretty much every other day).

One thing I’d like to do is Write a blog post response to Moxie’s post – Because are some beefs I have with his opinion on this subject, namely statements like:

People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will.

👎 👎 👎

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This guys are making some really cool tools - especially I want to use his crabmail to replaces various groups on Facebook, but I might want images support

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On the face of it it’s a generalisation, but s/People/99.99% of people/ and the statement becomes objectively true.

Yes you are right, but ask yourself “Why? How did this happen?”

I’m old enough to remember the times when everyone had their own server, everyone could run their own website easily and many people did. What changed?

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And yes your point on Mastodon failing this ceritiea is 100% spot on. No-one (98%) can basically stand up an instance of Mastodon easily. It’s just FAIL.

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@caesar@twtxt.net Schools, at least here in the States, don’t bother teaching people anything about computers. I took a “Computer Tech” elective, the only computer-related class available, in high school and it was just a digital art class. I would go across the hall from my graphic design class and do the same thing for another hour. An absolute waste of my time.

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@mckinley@twtxt.net Completely 10)% agree 👌 Having just come from a school interview for my youngest daughter, it’s nice to see that Robotics, Machine Learning and Coding are all being taught at this school 👌 – I certainly hope they also teach the students some of the lower-level things and inner-working of computers, otherwise I might be volunteering to teach some classes 😅

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