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In-reply-to > How does this user-agent thing work and how do I look for it in my webservers log to see who reads my feed?


I haven’t made any progress on this thought, I have to admit. But one day, there will be some idea, by someone. :-)

Would you mind if we at least bring it into https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial ? As log-something or useragent-something or just what it is now useragent – Even a tool repo with say ./cmd/useragent?


@prologic Oh right, now I remember. I wanted to look into Go packaging! I didn’t. Surprise. I’m fine with migrating over to your server. Not sure on the naming of library and executable. useragent is a bit too general, I completely agree. I fear the same with log. Anyone with good ideas of a short and precise name? Or just go with a complete “trash” name?



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