@akoizumi@social.kyoko-project.wer.ee I can’t fetch your feed anymore. 🤔 DNS doesn’t resolve. This is what I see in my bind log:

DNS format error from resolving social.kyoko-project.wer.ee/A for empty question section

Trying a dig +trace … ends with:

couldn't get address for 'ns1.kyoko-project.wer.ee': failure


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Since we’re on the brink of nuclear war anyway, I bought an electric double bass, because why the heck not:


Regular bass guitar for size comparison. That thing is huge.

I still suck at playing it, naturally, but it’s a looot of fun. And the posture is much more comfortable than that of a guitar, where you have to twist your left hand like a maniac. 🥴

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In-reply-to » I noticed some unnecessary horizontal rules being rendered at the bottom of twts in the conversation view lately with yarnd's new design change. They can be seen at least when not being logged in. Not sure if it is the same experience with an active user session. I reckon there will be fork buttons then, so in that case they would be fine, indeed.

@prologic@twtxt.net @darch@neotxt.dk @mckinley@twtxt.net Yes, I just meant to remove the line, when there are no naviation links. But it’s fine. Thank you, darch!

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