In-reply-to > My first attempt of guessing a German word was a close failure:

Yeah the timer is because everyone gets the same word each day. You get one word with 6 trys and compare with friends on how you came to the solution.

In-reply-to > For the Wordle players around here (@lyse, @xuu, @movq), and for those moments in which you rather cheat, than lose: 😂

I mean you don’t even have to do the game to make a fake emoji result. But its a fun little challenge for brain food.

In-reply-to > Another day, another 5m outage 🤬

Wow. I’m paying about 100 USD for my cable internet. Hard to estimate since its part of a tvd bundle. But it is 1.2Gbit down and 40Mbit up. And speed tests at that on the regular. The new house will have FTTH gigabit for 80ish.

Do they have Starlink beta down there yet?