(1 month ago)

(#kk5o2ja) @prologic@twtxt.net we would want:

  • a way to reply to the current thread. We have this.
  • a way to reply to a specific twt. Need this. Maybe make all the replies start new conversations?
  • check if twt is start of a conversation.. we kinda have this in the main feed with the conversation button. need to extend it for forked convs
  • a way to inline first replies. maybe show one or two in the sub thread with a link to view.
  • for convenience have a link to parent conv?

 (1 month ago)

@vain@www.uninformativ.de (#ljne7oq) I have seen it pop up on a few feeds around and adopted it into the new parser I built.

The format I have followed has been '# ' :whitespace: :key-name: :whitespace: '=' :whitespace: :value: keys can be repeated and accessed like an array of values.