Einstein once said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."

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In-reply-to > Outside view of a special skinny door between two buildings, traps wind and funnels it into the kitchen as a lovely breeze. Part of the our pantry addition too,.

Once a king captured by another king, was offered freedom if he could fit through a tiny door, the king gave the prisoner king meals every day, and the prisoner never managed to lose weight. The door is going to be used as a cat walk outside, but is mostly designed to open breezes trapped in the outside walls. It works a treat.


Inside this space looking at pantry space, about 1.5 m by 0.7m by 2.0m high. I priced one made in metal 800 wide with shelves, cost me $800, so gives me an idea of what I can spend on building this pantry.

In-reply-to > i'm really excited to plant potatoes once i have real dirt. i had a teeny purple potato that sprouted so i put it in a little pot on the windowsill and i never realized how simple it was for it to grow >1 tuber all neatly and disconnected. i thought somehow it had to do with some magical characteristic of proper seed potatoes

Yes it’s fun growing your own food, soil in pots is plenty enough.

In-reply-to > I heard fastidious liking honey. Here is our own honey on the kitchen table, about 3KG jars of it. Way too much for us, and this is just one year of bees from our own honey bees.

Ok yeah yummy isn’t the right word, healthy is what it is, nothing processed about it. We have 11 such jars from our one hive of bees. Notice we also play upwords in our spare time, usually at meal times.