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🇦🇺 - Teaching digital literacy to Aussies of all ages and loving it. Loud and proud FOSS supporter (as much as I can...). Always up for a chat whenever! - Also trying to not to break yarn instances!

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In-reply-to > Darch comes from my last Mørch which means dark in Danish but it spell mørk when it is not a name. And since you can't use æøå I emails I just came up with sp_darch when I created my very first Hotmail back the late 90s. Pronounced: dark

It never occurred to me that you can’t use æøå and the like for emails? Or was this a limitation back in the ye olde days?

In-reply-to > Now that we have that sorted out, I wanna hear your back stories. 😁

I honestly have no clue where mine came from… It’s pronounced you-laah-rah though!

Had something to do with my folks farm back in the 90s. Searching for my nick reveals quite a bit over the past 10 years haha!

In-reply-to > @movq Maybe I'm somewhat biased, because I had to use the bullshit implementation in Microsoft Excel, but I can't imagine the real thing being much better. 🤔

@thecanine Among the many things I do at work, creating VBA for Excel documents is the most frustrating thing ever… but when it works it’s both a miracle and makes me seem like a master wizard to my manager 😂


Long shot here… looking for a copy of an old Windows game called Mordor Depths of Dejenol. Used to play it as a teen in the mid 90s…

All I can find is the shareware copy, silly me threw away all my old video game stuff. Past Phil was very stupid… 😅

In-reply-to > Ugh, I'm a sucker for JetBrains products... This is not an advertisement I promise LOL!

Just the one I linked to, a preview version for their lightweight IDE. Which I guess is going to be competing against the likes of Sublime, Atom, and Brackets. Will be interesting to see if it’s a paid product.

I use their PyCharm IDE at work to teach people, mainly kids/teens, the basics of Python coding. Lots of fun.

However nothing will beat good ol’ Geany!

In-reply-to > What are everyones thoughts on the 'me' appearing on feeds instead of the username? Perhaps we could have an indicator that this feed is actually you. And perhaps also we could have another indicator to state that the user is from your own pod too?

Generally speaking, people tend to look for symbols and images first then read text. Scrolling through yarns with a visual indicator may be helpful for some. Think of it as a useful nicety for visual UX.