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Kids are great. You can teach them to hate what you hate and, with the Internet and all, they practically raise themselves.

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In-reply-to > Enjoying this herbal milk tea with ginseng and something called "tongkat ali". No idea what that is, but it tastes good!

Tongkat ali is “intended to improve libido, energy, sports performance and weight loss”. The linked journal also states that “may be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress, which may include general day-to-day stress, as well as the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and exercise training”.

More than half of all Asian teas claim the same thing, or similar. The bottomline is exactly how you ended, “it tastes good!” :-)


If this has an impact on ad blocking—and my quick read of it is kind of telling me it does—this has to be very worrisome to all of us. The lawsuit seeks to “dictate that the HTML language used to render a website page should be protected under copyright law—effectively making it illegal for any technology or any consumer to alter a website page appearance.” Oh boy.

In-reply-to > I have heard the pirates off the coast of India are the ones to watch out for.

That’s because you have never encountered Malay pirates. They are the worse! They will take your loot, make you peel potatoes, and dump you in the sea afterwards.

In-reply-to > How does one pronounce twtxt? I assume it's derived from tweet and text but feel like it should sound more like "twitixt" I

I pronounce it as the spelling of each letter (you know, like t w t x t). So, I can’t pronounce it super fast, but hey! 🙈

In-reply-to > @prologic hehe, thanks... Everyone tagged, look to https://twtxt.net/search?tag=c63wwra =P

@eaplmx so, let me tell how how fork is to be used, before the Yarn Police comes around, and write you an infraction. A fork is used when the reply twt you are about to write goes astray from the main topic of conversation. That’s it!

Now, fork can also be used when you want to reply to someone, and you want your reply leaving no doubt which twt you are replying to. This easily applies to long, to very long, yarns. If you have any questions let me know!