“Oh, no room for Bender, huh? Fine! I’ll go build my own lunar lander, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the lunar lander and the blackjack. Ahh, screw the whole thing!”

Recent twts from fastidious

9°C, feels like 6°C. Was nice and comfy on my couch, watching TV. Children want pizza. Ugh.

OK, let me call and order to take away. Line rings busy all the time, so I come in person. “Are you picking up?” — “No, I tried calling to order but your line rang busy all the time.” — “Sorry, we are very busy and short staffed. It will be 40 minutes of wait, is that OK?” 😳

None of them is wearing a mask. They are also non-stop talking. No wonder they are short staffed. I am waiting.