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My old Rayleigh Wayfarer, which I traded in a few years ago for almost twice what I paid for it(!). A good steed.


@lyse Yeah, not reality. :-)

Really forked out for an e-bike. French model. Don’t have the details to hand, but it’s worth half my current car! Such a good purchase, for commuting up a mountain four to five times a week. No wonder I’m so chubby, Mr DevOps now, not riding much or pushing wheelchairs lol.

Got myself an old Triumph secondhand for the kids’ trailer, and just generally leaving it in my light-fingered town. ;-)


@jlj I tried e-bikes once and they’re something different, you don’t feel inclines or even big hills. Not the tiniest bit. I just like the bicycles with convential human power. But if you can replace a car with an e-bike, that’s a good thing.


@lyse Yeah, I just love it: the easy step through to mount (on mine), not having to faff with lights (other than turning them on when it gets dark ;-) ), and, well, the gears are much fancier and smoother than the ones on my older bikes.

I still felt it in the hardest parts of that commute – Leckhampton Hill climbs over 500ft(!) in a few miles along my best route – but it meant the difference between walking my bike up most of it and staying on the whole time. :-)


@jlj Yes, lights are critical. I’m using a bright battery operated headlight, but in winter at low temperatures, it makes it just to the destination and back. I should really look into hub dynamos and fixed lights. The taillight is no problem, though. I’m very surprised that it still runs on the same batteries for many, many years. — Oh yeah, 150 meters are no joke!



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